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Tom Holland | Fright Night One Sheet Reproduction

Without question one of the most exciting projects to come across my desk has been this one.

The project came to me as a result of my dear friend Lynne Peters. Lynne is the photographer for a number of (very) well known people including Tom Holland who wrote and directed Fright Night. Tom happened to be looking for someone to give the original design a bit of an update, a tribute of sorts, using an image Lynne had recently shot of him. I am a life-long horror fan and Fright Night just happens to be one of my top 5, top 3 on some days, so this was a real honor.


The updated version was sold exclusively on Tom’s site, Terror Time and has since sold out. I have not heard any word of additional printings though I did have three custom versions made, one each for Lynne, Tom, and myself.

Super cool.

The original US one sheet


The Updated design